Monday, January 4, 2010

Inspiration is everywhere this time of year!

Yesterday was a great segment on Dr. Sanjay Gupta's CNN segment.

Dr. Oz started his Ultimate Weight Loss Plan today.

I haven't checked out Dr. Phil or Oprah today, but I'm sure it will be something about new beginnings. has a very inspirational article by Michelle Butler.

I'm loving an article by Martha Beck in the January 2010 issue of O - well worth reading

As much as I'm loving FaceBook, I'm spending way too much time on it.  Mostly playing games.  One or two isn't bad, but I'm spending the day sending horses to fellow Farmville and Farmtown neighbors, or cooking something up in CafeWorld, or (and I shudder to mention this one) playing Sorority Life.  Something has to give!

Breaking habits is a hard thing to do.  But obviously, it can be done.  I think of some of my real life heroines like Connie who runs a yahoo group to help us lose weight.  Connie is amazing with with how far she has come.  She broke some bad habits and made it fun for us.  And I have to add, her knitting just gets better and better.  

I also think of another WRW member (Washington Romance Writers) who has a daughter who has a lot of issues.  I never see her without a smile on her face.  Mary Lenaburg has a very moving blog  I want to be like Mary and SMILE and LAUGH through life's obstacles.

I think of my mom.  We lost dad last year, and as difficult as it's been, thinking of the times she just wanted to give up, she's doing better than ever.  She had some very tough physical therapy and is now able to do more than she has done in years.  Perseverance, my friends, perseverance.  

I'm one of those people who studies and studies but doesn't follow through.  Well, no more.  Following through will be my mantra for the year.  I WILL follow through with my writing.  I WILL follow through with a healthier lifestyle by moving more.  And I WILL follow through by less Facebook apps time.  If you see me on there, feel free to kick my ass.  I'm not talking about status updates because I don't think I add so many that I'm annoying.  But the apps?  Kick away girlfriends, kick away.  I NEED my friends to support me, just as I hope I can help them out.  Let's find perseverance with the breaking of bad habits.  Hey, it's been over a year since I last smoked!  I did something right in 2009 lol!

I'm off to finish a couple of chores, and then writing, writing, writing.  What are you doing today that improves your life?


  1. Good for you!!! I actually updated my blog today too!! That is one of my resolutions...update at least a few times per week.

    Farmville, Farmtown need to go!! I also have this addiction and will be trying to kick it to the curb too!!

    Happy 2010!

    Kathy :)

  2. Great resolutions my friend! Good for you. remember that passionate perseverance is something you decide to do every single day. Have a fabulous day and thanks for the shout out!