Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Upgrading my Package

A few years ago, when I was going through a pretty rough time, I told myself each day "For today, I have all that I need."  I found that I did have all that I needed.  I always have.  It's just time to upgrade the package!

What do I want the most?  To be healthy, to live my best life (yeah, I watch too much Oprah, but it's a good way of putting it), and to write!  Last week I got a lot of writing done - so much that I can't wait until tomorrow to continue and see where my story will lead.

I think I'm ok in the money department - I could always use more, but couldn't we all.  In this economy, I feel like a wealthy woman.

I'm ok in the relationship department.  I'm happily married going on 35 years.  Wow!   Other relationships are pretty good too.  I feel blessed with friendships and with family.

I got my birthday out of the way, and had a wonderful day.  Ate too much chocolate cake, but you know how I look at eating healthy?  There are 365 days in the year, 300 of them in which I'm going to be eating healthy.  Sixty of them, I'm going to plan in a wee bit of self-indulgence - lunch with my friend Teresa where we always share a piece of chocolate cake, a glass of wine when visiting with my friend Pat, eating something delicious my son-in-law makes.  And five days that will probably be out of control.  Like having chocolate cake for breakfast AND dinner because my husband bought me a cake!  LOL

The same goes for exercising.  300 days of getting some kind of activity in, sixty days that I will plan to take off (that's still basically 6 days a week of exercising) and 5 days that I will not be able to - a cold?  Traveling? Whatever.

I got my new Daytimer.  NOTHING makes me feel more organized than having a nice Daytimer and filling it up with my To Do lists.  I adore To Do lists and crossing things off.  Am I a Capricorn or what?  I was like that when I worked outside of the home - very organized and knew exactly what I was doing, had done, and what my husband is doing also.

One thing I do plan to do this week is get caught up on those pesky calls I need to make - I need a dentist appt, an eye exam, to do my yearly OB-GYN exam and.....I dread this get a colonoscopy.  I only dread it because I watched my husband go through the preparation, and I'm just not sure I can do it.  But since my dad had polyps on his colon, I think I should do it.  So I promise to make those phone calls this week.

What is it that you have been putting off and need to do?  I hope you'll share because that way we can all help one another.  That way we can all upgrade our package!


  1. My package sooo needs upgraded!! I have put off a mammogram for about three years now. Not because I am scared, just because I don't make the time. Everything else always comes first.

    I did make one step in the right direction, but not sure I can stick to it and of course I have not started yet...trying to get my sleep pattern established...100 Mile Fitness Challenge from Jan 1st to March 31st. Stop by my blog for the details!!

    Good Luck and let me know if you scheduled all of those appointments!!

    Kathy :)

  2. Debra, when you get to the colonoscopy prep, here's what helped me. We had leftover Halloween candy around. After a round of the nasty liquid, I grabbed a sucker (usually a cherry one) and enjoyed it. It got the taste out of my mouth and the faint nausea disappeared. My doctor okayed it (but ask yours) and it made the experience easier. Then for the actual procedure, heck, I was asleep! Great post. What appointments have you made so far?

  3. I did the dentist and eye dr. I need to go through my regular dr to get the other exams, so I'm going to schedule my pap smear and then I can get the referral for the colonoscopy and mammogram. I got my stitches out yesterday - what a relief that was! Two weeks of them because they were in a hard to heal place (neck/shoulder). Now I just have strips to hold the area together, but at least they're not getting caught on my clothes.

    Great idea about the lollipop Teresa - thanks! My biggest problem is that I have an easy gag reflex and I throw up easy. Doesn't take much. I blame it on my mother giving me a daily dose of Haley's MO when I was a child. To this day I can't do anything like Pepto Bismol. Comes right back up. TMI? lol

  4. Kathy, I'll stop by your blog to check out the 100 mile Fitness challenge. That would indeed be a challenge for me. Another place I need to call to make an appt is for Physical Therapy since I can't walk very far. Will do it this week!