Monday, February 15, 2010

Life Goes On

I feel like the days are marching by swiftly.  And although I've been doing what I said I would do, I have to say, I'm not feeling much different.  Could be due to a RA/Fibromyalgia flair that I'm just coming off of.  During the heavy snow (and boy was it heavy - about 4 feet in 5 days) I was pretty much in gridlock.  My body was often in a fetal position with my hands locked.  My only exercise were trips to the bathroom.  Didn't even go upstairs to sleep.  My arms were hurting so bad, it was hard to type.  It was hard to hold the phone.  I was in too much pain to really care about being online or holding the phone.  But when it interferes with holding my books, that's the last straw!!   I also had the infamous brain fog that goes with Fibro.  I couldn't remember simple names or important times in history.  Such as watching a Marie Antoinette movie and knowing events were wrong, but not being able to explain it.  Scary for a writer.

Obviously doing better today, although sleeping a lot.  And although I'm sticking to WW, I'm STARVING!!  lol I eat something that at one time filled me up, and two hours later....hungry.  That often happens after I've been on program for 3-4 weeks, and sometimes that's my downfall.  So I'm trying to be creative with the snacks or whatever I need to tide me over.  Skim milk is a great inbetween snack for me, and one I need anyway.  Some type of protein usually helps me until the next meal.

I'm not saying it's a down day because I'm actually doing better.  I'm not saying it's an up day because there's so much more to do and to overcome.  I'm saying it's going by too quickly and I'm afraid of not accomplishing my goals.

But whatever happens, know that I will persevere.  Pushing myself is the only way to get through those times when impossible seems to be the only answer....and it's not.  Impossible is for Bisquick pies.  And look what happens to them!

Monday, February 1, 2010


I have often felt like the movie Groundhog Day.  That I have to keep repeating things until I get it right.  That is until recently.

Since I have been determined that this year will be different, it has been.  I've made the appointments I needed to make.  I'm back at Weight Watchers and feel better already.  Must be those wonderful greens :-)   I'm walking more and hope to be in good shape to be able to handle the April Retreat with WRW.  That was a lot of walking the last time I went (two years ago).  Plus I'm not smoking this time around, so that should help.

And today.....Well, today I sent out the WRW newsletter at 12:01 a.m., February 1st.  HA!!  If people get their columns to me, and I don't have to beg for them, that's what happens.  Not that I haven't had moments of tardiness in the past.  But not this year!  And I registered for the RWA Conference and paid for the hotel already.  WOOT!!  My husband says I'm not going without him, so he's my date ;-)

My husband and I are keeping our Thursday afternoon movie dates, and have been having fun with that.  One week is his turn to pick the movie, the next week is my turn.  We pop our own popcorn and take a diet Dr. Pepper.  That helps keep me in line with WW.  But we still get the individual pizza and share it.   Mmmmmm.  And then, as we've done for 35 years, we hold hands and enjoy the movie.  As our daughter's friend Kristi said when she was about 15, it's so cute when old people are in love lol

I'm writing, but not as much as I had hoped.  Hopefully that will change now.  I'm feeling energized, and I feel like I'm getting my life more in order than it had been.  I feel like I was living each day, but I wasn't living it to my fullest.  Too much time on useless FB apps (I think they are a way of escaping life).  The Gods are smiling on me though because I can't really get into them.  They are slow, if they load at all.  One of my friends is giving them up completely, and I find that inspirational.  I may do that also.  Yeah, doesn't sound like I'm *promising* to give them up.  But I'm thinking about it, and that's so much further than where I was a month ago.

My mom.  What can I say about  my mom.  I have been begging her to come live with us.  She is so unhappy where she is, but I guess she's not unhappy enough to do anything about it.  That will be ongoing at least until Spring.  She does feel it's too cold in Pennsylvania for her lung ailments, and I understand that.  Not that we plan on making her stand outside *rolling eyes*.  She could get right into the car in the garage and be let out very close to a door of wherever she wants to go.  She's very lonely in Florida, even though my brother and his wife do a lot with her.  She's meant to live with others, not alone.  But until she decides otherwise, I'll be there on the phone for her.

2010 is not going to be Groundhog Day for me.  I am NOT going to go insane by repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.  I'm going to grab life and live it to the max.  How about you?